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History of the mountain hotel Lorkova vila 



Hotel Lorkova vila is situated at the very end of the village Čeladná at the foot of the mountain Smrk and the river Čeladenka, which also later gave this place its name. The foundations of the hotel were laid by the influential lawyer JUDr. Jaroslav Lorek from the city Brno, who decided to build a residence for his family for recreational purpose. The villa began to serve his family in 1935. However, he had little idea of ​​the fate of his property as a result of a change in political relations after February 1948 in Czechoslovakia...

The so-called Lorkova vila was reconstructed and adapted for the needs of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party, headed by the regional secretary Miroslav Mamula, who, for example, had a secret escape door built during the construction of his apartment, as well as a concrete shelter, located in close proximity to the villa. The Communist Party gradually expanded the villa with a restaurant and accommodation facilities, which changed the original villa into a hotel.

Cottages and traditional prefabricated houses (known in Czech as „okál“) have been added to this building. And when the complex also saw a miniature swimming pool with heated water, the families of important members of the Communist Party had an exclusive place to spend their holidays from the 1970s until 1989.

In the spring of 1990, many cars began arriving at the place and quickly started to disassemble the whole property interiors. The whole place, including the lawyer´s villa was plundered. According to eyewitnesses, precious paintings and a number of other valuables belonging to the lawyer's family have been "lost".

As part of the subsequent restitution proceedings, the villa was returned to the hands of Lorek family and its descendants. They decided to donate it to the District Hygiene - Epidemiological Station in Frýdek - Místek, with a condition that Čeladenka will start to serve primarily as a place for convalescent stays for children and youth. That's how it really happened to a large extent. However, due to aging, the building gradually fell into disrepair, gradually limiting stays only to the summer period, until it ceased to serve its purpose entirely. The investment was made in 2013 - 2014 by Kovotour Plus s.r.o., which operated the hotel until 2020 under the name Čeladenka.

Now the hotel is managed by the Karlova Studánka Mountain Spa, a state-owned enterprise, and is returning to the original name Lorkova vila.